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Everything we do relates to Community. Whether it is an established city, special district, planned subdivision, or apartment complex, Johnson Petrov not only has plenty of experience, but the resources and knowledge to ensure your project accomplishes it's goals. Explore our core practice areas and discover the unique skills we can bring to your Community.


Education / Higher Education

The firm’s attorneys have contributed to a number of school district bond issues and refunding over many years, primarily in the role of Bond Counsel. In addition, attorneys of the firm have participated in several higher education bond issues as Bond Counsel and Underwriter’s Counsel, including Constitutional Permanent University Fund Refundings and Tuition Revenue Bonds.

Real Estate

Real estate is the foundation of Community. We are familiar with a variety of these aspects starting from the beginning with the acquisition, due diligence, and the tax planning. Our firm also handles the required financing, closing and development to operation, workouts, and sale of real estate assets and entities. The office is also a champion in regards to the expansion of utility services for single family homes through the use of easements, some of which include public utilities, water lines, and sanitary sewers. Johnson Petrov's skilled attorneys are familiar with the industry's emerging real estate matters, and are focused on your Community, your deal, and your solutions.


The core of a successful Community is based on how the Community is financed. Whether it is raising equity with a LIHTC limited partnership or a Regulation D Offering or via a conventional, HUD, FNMA, Freddie Mac loan or tax exempt bonds, or an innovative public-private partnership, Johnson Petrov has a wealth of knowledge and experience to properly execute your financing plan with accurate structuring and negotiation techniques provided by our attorneys.


Development of your Community is our core business. With a special expertise in finance, including lending and the use of special districts and public-private partnerships, Johnson Petrov has a thorough understanding of your business and can bring its expertise to bear to assist in finding a real, practical, solution for any issue facing your Community, whether it be a planned or existing one.

Special Districts

As one of the best tools in the toolbox, we specialize in selecting the specific entity needed to be your solution and creating it in the TCEQ or State Legislature. Whether it is a traditional MUD or WCID, a more specific LID or DD, or perhaps a more targeted PID, or TIRZ, our well practiced firm can target your situation to a specific project or a focused regional utility and development finance model. Johnson Petrov is familiar with all aspects of development business, whether your goal is redevelopment, new development, or increasing the IRR on a project to maximize results.


Support and implementation of real estate acquisition and disposition, as well as financing and equity matters are remarkable strengths of the Johnson Petrov team. We offer a variety of services related to commercial real estate including Regulation D Offerings, a wide range of various types of entity formation and tax planning, financing for first term mortgages and mezzanine/permanent loans, as well as the purchase/development/construction/leasing of retail shopping centers.


Long a groundbreaking leader in the housing market, Johnson Petrov attorneys employed the first public-private partnership in housing in Texas and continue to pioneer in housing finance by the use of a combination of 380 agreements and tax exempt bonds. Additionally, our attorneys have closed many multifamily transactions involving conventional, HUD, FNMA, Freddie Mac, private activity bonds, 9% and 4% tax credits, 501(c)(3) bonds, and essential function bonds for developers, nonprofits and issuers from coast to coast.


Utilities, drainage solutions, lot takedown contracts, MUD and City Reimbursement Agreements and economic development incentives are core tools of community expansion which we regularly employ. If you are a builder, developer, or deal with development from an existing entity or regulatory perspective, Johnson Petrov attorneys are well qualified in the areas of contracts, development and regulatory matters to help with the successful disposition of your projects.


Johnson Petrov attorneys have decades of experience representing cities and clients before city boards and councils on general matters, annexation, planning and zoning, 380 agreements, economic development, and municipal bonds.

The management of cities and the districts that are put in place can play a crucial role in creating and sustaining a livable environment for the residents. Through our direct supervision and representation of a variety of districts, including Municipal Utility Districts, Water Improvement Districts, Fresh Water Supply Districts, and Development Districts, we help in fostering a thriving community that people can call home.

Water Policy

Long a leader in water policy issues that can affect your Community, Johnson Petrov attorneys have been active in representing clients seeking self-determination in regional water issues, instrumental in legislative creation of regional water authorities, and a key participant in water rights contracts and administrative proceedings by representing water authorities as general counsel, bond counsel and special counsel. Our innovative firm also wrote the first regulations in Texas enabling the use of pumpage fees as collateral in public issuance of bonds and obtained judicial approval of the collateral. A Johnson Petrov attorney currently serves as the Chairman of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District.